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MIDAS - Management, Information, Database and Accounting System

Midas is a telemetry system that allows anyone with approved access to view live data on any of their Deicing Trucks with any internet connected device.  The system can be purchased on new vehicles or retrofitted on any manufacturers equipment.

Please visit the Midas website and log in as a guest in the lower left corner to view the demo pages.

.pdf powerpoint on MIDAS system

MIDAS utilizes existing flow meters and system outputs and uploads this information to a internet database.
Can be installed on any manufacturers equipment.  
Managers can view the status and location of each vehicle in real time. 
All information is logged and invoices can be generated automatically.
Performance tracking provides
Employee performance
Gallons sprayed by surface area
Time per aircraft
Total aircraft sprayed per shift
Vehicle reliability
Records each service call and reason
Total time equipment is out of service