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About Global

In August 1997, AirT organized Global Ground Support, LLC to acquire the Simon Deicer Division of Terex Aviation Ground Equipment to further diversify the Company's customer base and business mix within the aviation industry. Today, Global manufactures, designs, sells, and supports a full line of aircraft ground support equipment from aircraft deicers to ground power units.

Global's 112,000 square foot facility has state-of-the-art design and manufacturing capabilities to provide customers with premium equipment and first-rate services. Global's Quality Management System is certified to the standards of ISO 9001:2008.

Global's products are designed and manufactured in our Olathe, KS facility. Global's flexible manufacturing facility enables the production of a wide range of products. The primary products produced by Global are commercial truck mounted deicing equipment, catering/cabin service trucks, flight line tow tractors, glycol recovery vehicles, and cleaning/corrosion vehicles. Global's worldwide customer base ranges from ground handling companies to major US and International airlines and airports.

Global's disciplined systems engineering process begins with customer requirements. Design engineering then develops a design, quickly responds to design changes, accurately analyzes improvements, and translates them into a build-to-product baseline. Manufacturing turns the build-to package and the bill of materials into the production plan. Next, the Manufacturing/engineering team quickly performs tradeoff studies, designs and builds the product, conducts tests, and analyzes results to determine where design changes must be made. We then choose the best solution, finalize the configuration, incorporate changes, and manufacture the product to the new documented product baseline.