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3-Barrel Nozzle

The optional 3-Barrel Nozzle system upgrades our AirPlus system for even greater glycol savings.  Rotary selector allows the operator to choose any one of eight (8) different ways to dispense deicing and anti-icing fluid.

  1. High Flow Deicing (40GPM Standard)
  2. Low Flow Deicing (20GPM Standard)
  3. AirPlus
  4. AirPlus with Fluid Injection (6GPM Standard)
  5. AirPlus with Low Flow (20GPM Standard)
  6. AirPlus with Fluid Injection and Low Flow Deicing (26GPM Standard)
  7. Anti-Icing (25GPM Standard)
  8. Anti-Icing over AirPlus (This is a non standard option and must be specified when ordering)