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Extended Reach Deicer

Overall Dimensions
Height - Stowed 12.10' (3.688 m)
Width 8.5' (2.59 m)
Length - Stowed 40.1' (12.22 m)
Wheelbase 216" (5,486 mm)
Weights 53,460 lbs (24,249 kg)
Turning Radius 33.4' (10.16 m)

The Global ER-2875 is designed specifically for large aircraft such as the AirBus A-380, Ilyushin, C5 and C17. It has the longest side reach and highest cab/nozzle height of any mobile deicer in the world, bringing the operator's eye level to a height of 78 feet.

Additional System Configuration Options available with the Ultimate Aircraft Deicer are:

  • Enclosed Basket Option
  • AirPlus!® Option
  • Premium Blend Option
  • Single Operator Option