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Regional 1200 Deicer

Deicer 1200
Deicer 1200Deicer 1200-1Deicer 1200-2
Overall Dimensions
Height - Stowed 12.0'
Width 8.0'
Length - Stowed 27.11'
Wheelbase 177"
Weight 22,500 lbs

The Global Regional deicers are specifically designed for smaller aircraft and airports while maintaining performance needed in the harshest weather conditions.

Additional Options available with the Regional Aircraft Deicer are:

  • Anti-icing with Type II/IV Fluids
  • Various Spraying and pumping configurations
  • Automatic Fire Suppression System
  • Fluid Flow Monitors and Printers
  • Suction Fill
  • Two Man Open Basket

Designed for small aircraft and regional Airports.