GRV 750


The unique feature of the Global Glycol Recovery Vehicle (GRV) is that it uses a commercial chassis combined with a high volume low pressure suction system. In the vacuum mode, an operator drives the truck chassis, while an auxiliary engine powers the hydraulic and vacuum system. The Global GRV is designed to recover deicing and anti-icing fluid from deicing pads, airport ramps, taxiways or other areas where de/anti-icing has occurred.

Additional Options available are:

  • Flashing Amber Beacon
  • Hand Held Fire Extinguisher, 10lb or 20lb
  • Automatic Fire Extinguisher System
  • Winterization Package
  • Keyless Ignition

The GRV is equipped to operate at temperatures down to -40 degrees F. The Global GRV will help airports in the glycol reclamation process, to comply with the most stringent environmental standards for controlling glycol fluid run-off.